My husband has a very demanding job but he’s so great at it.  I love listening to him talk to about the ins and outs of his job.  He has to juggle a lot of things and he does it so well.  He considers his co-workers, his boss, his company and doing his best work everyday.  I have so much respect for him.

Sometimes it makes me sad when he comes home as I’m listening to him talk about his day because it’s so inspiring and it sounds so exciting and I don’t have a job like that.  But really it’s not that his job makes me sad, it’s that he’s so good at it that I want to work hard like that too.  My husband continues to inspire me and I hope that our kids can think as highly of me as I have no doubt they will of him.


My husband never gives up on me.  He fights for me and that makes me feel special.  He teaches me what God’s love is like.  When I have moments of doubt about my faith, I see my husband and how he loves me through all of my yuckiness and badness, and he loves me anyways.  When he sees the good in me, it helps me to see the good in myself.

I hope he knows what an amazing trait this is.  Not many men can rise above bad situations to see all the goodness.  God gives my husband strength and I believe that is the blessing God gives married people.

I love when my husband grabs me on the couch or when I’m in the kitchen and makes me laugh out loud.  He’s can be so unexpected sometimes.  I love these moments because I always know he’s in a good mood.  Even when I’m having a bad day, I know that he can make me forget what’s going on and I enjoy kissing him in these special moments.

I love thinking about him during the day when he’s gone.  I miss him and wish he was with me.  I love that I get to go through life with him.  He’s my favorite person.  He gives me all the warm and fuzzies inside that I always wanted my husband to give me.  I’m so blessed that our children can grow up and see us together.

I’ve been in a tough place recently trying to adjust to life as a stay at home mom in a place that’s unfamiliar to me without a big circle of friends or a church that cradles me through the difficult times.  My husband has been really understanding and supportive of me during this time.  I’m amazed that no matter how many times I cry and break down about the SAME things over and over again, he’s right there telling me that it’s going to be better.

He’s right there praying for me and with me helping me to realize God’s plan for our lives.  He never tells me I’m being silly or too emotional.  He just holds my hand, gives me a kiss and tries to make it better.  I’m amazed at his energy and his persistence.  It’s an amazing gift that he has and in every bad situation I face, the goodness that always shines through is that God has given me a special husband who was made just for me!

He gets better with age!  Well, I haven’t known my husband for very long but in the year and half we’ve gotten to spend our lives together, I’ve seen him grow with every passing month.  Recently I’ve really noticed some big changes that have been coming on slowly.  He is so much better around new people he doesn’t know, he cares a lot more about the lasting impressions he leaves with people and he is learning the intricacies of social interactions at work.

I think all these things have helped him to succeed in friendships, become more respected at work and to show people how awesome he is when previously it was a little hidden.  I’m so proud to watch him grow and learn and I think pretty soon, he’s going to be an unstoppable man who can have anything he wants!  It’s pretty exciting.

My husband LOOVES our baby.  Not in the “she’s my baby so I have to love her” kind of way but the “I can’t help but smile when I see my little girl” kind of way.  I love how she lights up when he comes into the world.  I’m so thankful that they have a special connection.  The father/daughter relationship is so important and I can see that not only does my husband take this seriously but he also genuinely enjoys it.  I can’t wait to see how the relationship between these two develops.

I joke about being jealous sometimes but the truth is I’m so happy.  I know she will grow up to be a sensible and strong young woman because she can lean on her daddy when she needs to and she will know the pure love of a man who just wants what’s best for her.  It takes a great man to do that!

My husband strives to be a good example for the other men that are in our lives.  This is especially important in a world that has recently put men in the background and taught them to stop being strong.  My husband is part of a new Catholic men’s group that seeks to get men together for fun and bible talk – something you don’t see much of these days.  This good, clean fun is something that helps them all to connect about the struggles they face being men.

I think it’s great for him to do this not only to blow of some steam but also to get recharged about being a good husband, a strong father and good example in society of the kind of man Christ asks of him.  I’m very proud of him!

And not just ours.  I love watching him interact with other children.  You can see he has genuine joy when being around them.  He doesn’t put what he wants to do ahead of what the kids would enjoy doing.  I love watching him toss the kids around and how he explains the world to them.  It’s so wonderful to see a man who see the value in treating children with respect and paying attention to them.  I think that shows a great deal of maturity in him.

I’ve been trying to eat better, exercise more and lose weight.  Instead of just doing a lot of head nods and “yeah honey, ok”s he’s really decided to support me.  He has offered to eat healthier, work out with me and is even participating in a weight loss competition with me!  That’s pretty supportive!

I think it’s great that he can see when something is important to me and he can get behind me to help me achieve my goals.  Being encouraging is so helpful and it’s something I really value in him.  I know he will also encourage our kids to achieve their dreams and I’m excited for them to have a dad like that.

Last week my husband surprised me with a board game I’ve been wanting for a while – Dominant Species!  It’s a fabulous game and that means I want to play it ALL THE TIME.  My husband  knows that I have this compulsive side to me about something new and so I’m pretty sure he knew what he was getting into if the game turned out to be good.

I want to play all the time and he’s so obliging.  I like the game because I actually win sometimes, which is not true about Settlers of Catan, where he normally smashes me!  I have a huge amount of respect that my husband can see into my heart, know what I want and has the strength and desire to give it to me. I think that’s exactly what God meant when he said that husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church.  I know it’s just a board game but in our marriage, it means a lot more!